Bienvenue Emerson – tu te souviens?

Posted on May 29, 2012 by Dominic with 7 Comments

We’re super excited to announce the addition of Emerson Lackey to the TWG team. And here’s the back story .. Born and raised in the bustling burg of London, Ontario, Emerson spent his formative years skateboarding, […]

Waterloo Co-ops test out Pair Programming.

Posted on May 23, 2012 by Anthony Wong with 1 Comment

Chris and I will be spending the next four months at TWG as part of our Waterloo Co-op program. We”ll be focusing on mobile software development. Two weeks in, I can say that we’re well integrated into their team-based approach to web and mobile development, that we’re being challenged, having fun, and learning a lot as we go. Here’s our first post on a very timely topic – Pair Programming.

Derek was a total score for TWG

Posted on April 20, 2012 by Dominic with 3 Comments

Scott, our reigning heavyweight in research and development, had been telling us since 2008 about a legendary developer that he once knew – a man who was tall as a redwood, sharp as a tack, […]

Hello (again) is it me you’re looking for?

Posted on March 3, 2012 by Andrés with No Comments

  TWG is a web development shop for designers, coders, thinkers and friends. Each day we pour all of our creative energy into what we love, and that makes getting out of bed in the […]

Steph and Kenneth join the TWG posse

Posted on February 24, 2012 by Dominic with 1 Comment

Following our Earth-shaking (Toronto) tech scene announcement on Tuesday, we’re glad to announce that two more code-slingers have joined the infamous TWG posse. Stephan (Frenchie) Leroux brings a deadly array of iOS, Android and Blackberry […]

Tom Walsham joins TWG as Product Manager Extraordinaire

Posted on February 21, 2012 by Dominic with 5 Comments

TWG is sounding the trumpets again. We’re incredibly excited to announce that Tom Walsham has joined the TWG team. Tom brings an impressive array of product management and analytics experience to our team, and we […]

TWG Goes Mobile!

Posted on November 8, 2011 by Andrés with 6 Comments

After 9 years of building great web applications, web sites, and system integrations for clients of every stripe, The Working Group (TWG) is expanding our service offering to include mobile application development. Why are we […]

Chris Lalansingh survived a TWG co-op work placement!

Posted on August 29, 2011 by Dominic with 2 Comments

And he did it with flying colours. Allow me to digress.. Interviewing Waterloo Co-op students can be an amusing exercise. Last winter, when I ran Waterloo phone interviews for most of the day, some prospects […]