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October 22, 2015

TEDxToronto is Canada’s largest TEDx event, a platform for exceptional ideas, and a catalyst for profound change. TWG is proud to be returning as the official Technology Partner of the conference in 2015.

In addition to their annual, one-day conference, which draws a diverse and passionate array of speakers, performers, demos and audience members, TEDxToronto runs community programming throughout the year exploring issues with local relevance. Talks from the conference have been viewed millions of times around the globe and six of our speakers have been featured on, one of the world’s leading platforms for big ideas.

This year’s powerful and thought-provoking conference theme is: THRESHOLDS.

A threshold is a doorway. Whether physical or figurative, crossing or not crossing a threshold often results in profound change. Sometimes a threshold is a boundary and sometimes a breaking point. It can be a beginning – a starting point for an experience, an event, or a new age. Or a threshold can be an ending, a point of no return, a Rubicon across which one cannot look back.

Thresholds can be the point where personal decisions are confronted and public movements are launched. Each day, humanity crosses technological, political, scientific and environmental thresholds with far-reaching consequences we may not yet understand.

TEDxToronto attendees are invited to visit us at our GiffyPop photobooth. Commemorate the day with your own personal .gif and learn more about how TWG helps companies and organizations like TEDxToronto transform ideas into digital solutions that push boundaries and cross thresholds.


October 22, 2015