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What We’ve Been Working On: Apple Watch App for The Globe and Mail

Apple Watch owners will now be able to keep up with the most important news from The Globe with a simple turn of the wrist. Here’s a quick preview of what you can expect from The Globe on Apple Watch.

  • Breaking news alerts: Whenever news happens, we’ll send a notification directly to your wrist
  • Top stories: Keep up to date with the most important news of the moment by browsing our top stories feed
  • Save for later: At any point, saving an article on the watch will automatically send it to your favourites list on The Globe and Mail iPhone app

The Globe and Mail is one of the first news organizations with an app on the new Apple Watch. Acting as a cousin to the Globe’s iOS application, its role is to provide instantly accessible news hits and drive users to other platforms for a deeper, richer content experience. The app is available in the Apple Watch App Store.

How to get it

In order to install The Globe app on your watch, simply navigate to the Apple Watch app on your phone and search for “The Globe and Mail.” The app can also be found in the Featured tab under the Stay Informed category.

The Globe and Mail, through its newspaper, magazine, online and mobile platforms, is Canada’s foremost news media company. Each day, The Globe leads the national discussion by engaging Canadians through its award-winning coverage and analysis of news, politics, business and lifestyle. Every month, The Globe and their Alliance partners reach over 16.9 million connected and engaged Canadians through their mobile properties, with more than 40% of their total digital content now accessed via mobile devices.


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