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CFC made by The Working Group

What We’ve Been Working On: CFC

The Canadian Film Centre is a leader in mentoring content creators and entrepreneurs in the entertainment and digital media landscapes. By promoting the development of new ideas, production and best practices in film, television, digital media, music and acting, it is uniquely positioned within Canada’s vital and diverse screen entertainment industry.

To celebrate more than 25 years in the business, The Canadian Film Centre (CFC) reached out to The Working Group to design and build their new online home. The new platform reflects CFC’s position as a serious leader in entertainment and digital in Canada, showcasing the programs and productions made possible thanks to their involvement.

Ana Serrano, Chief Digital Officer at CFC said:

“The design and delivery of CFC’s digital roadmap, which includes the development of a new web platform, is a major undertaking. We needed to find a long-term technology and design partner who can go the distance with us. I’m thrilled to say that TWG has been exactly the kind of partner we were hoping to find. Our beautiful new responsive, data-driven, modular platform is just the beginning and we look forward to seeing what more we can build together.”



CFC by The Working Group

CFC made by The Working Group

With over 100 participants in more than a dozen programs each year, their mandate is to promote and invest in original projects, encourage commercial opportunities and build collaborative relationships between our alumni and media companies. Their 1,600 alumni, and over 100 alumni partner companies, create and produce popular, award-winning entertainment enjoyed by audiences around the world.

The modular site is highly flexible, giving different teams within CFC the ability to easily highlight existing content pieces on other areas of the site. The CMS is custom-built to meet the specific needs of CFC, giving them everything they need to showcase their sponsors, partners and alumni in a great light.

Communicating the powerful economic impact of CFC was one of the key goals for the platform. Using data gathered by Nordicity for CFC’s Economic Impact Report, we created this beautiful animated infographic that presents the findings in a digestible and visually-engaging format.

We’re immensely proud to be CFC’s technology partner. This is our second engagement with the organization, having already designed and built their ideaBOOST platform. ideaBOOST is a business accelerator with a difference – a bootcamp for technology platforms and interactive applications for the entertainment industry.


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