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Front Porch Forum made by The Working Group

Knight Foundation Celebrates Success of Front Porch Forum

Front Porch Forum isn’t what you’d call a ‘typical’ startup media company. But innovation can spring from unlikely places – like a tree-lined street in Burlington, Vermont and a desire to use digital to connect more closely with the neighbours around us.

Founded in 2006 by Michael and Valerie Wood-Lewis, Front Porch Forum’s mission is to help neighbours connect and build community. It hosts regional networks of online neighbourhood forums: Simple, accessible online communities where people can build bridges with one another by discussing the ebb and flow of neighbourhood life.

 In 2010, the Knight Foundation selected Front Porch Forum as one of its dozen Knight News Challenge award winners. The resulting investment led Michael and his CTO, Jan Schultz, on a US and Canada-wide search for the perfect development team to help them grow Front Porch Forum. We’ve been working with Front Porch Forum ever since.

The Knight Foundation has published a detailed report about the progress of the 2010 and 2011 winners of the Knight News Challenge, including Front Porch Forum.

Front Porch Forum made by The Working Group: Knight News Challenge Report

Front Porch Forum made by The Working Group: Knight News Challenge Report

Front Porch Forum made by The Working Group: Knight News Challenge Report

Front Porch Forum made by The Working Group: Knight News Challenge Report

Read the full Knight News Challenge Findings Report

The Front Porch Forum team knew where they were heading when we started working together. Michael and his CTO, Jan Schultz, needed a way to incrementally grow their platform in a way that suited their style and stage of development, and knew that an Agile process, solid email and CMS experience and a team at the cutting-edge of Ruby on Rails development were key. But for a startup with community at its core, technical expertise was just one piece of the puzzle.

“The special ingredient was that The Working Group has a very entrepreneurial mindset and approach and that was very attractive to us. Other companies aren’t engaged with their communities the way that TWG is.

At the same time they were asking questions about our bottom line and how we wanted to meet our business goals – they were very organized about starting from that point. It’s all about fit, and once we started looking closely, TWG rose quickly and clearly to the top of our list.”

– Jan Schultz, CTO, Front Porch Forum

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