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ProductTO Meetup @ TWG: User Testing & Feedback

Are you a product person? Join us on Thursday, July 3rd 2014 for the ProductTO meetup, hosted by Henry Dillon along with TWG’s Director of Product, Tom Walsham. 

We’ll be talking about User Testing and Feedback. We’ll start the session with three 5-minute talks from some great Toronto Product people, who will share their problems and successes in this theme.

Expect discussions to include:

• When to introduce User Testing on pre-production product builds

• Strategies for sourcing appropriate Users for product testing

• Grokking, interpreting and prioritising direct User Feedback on live products

• Incorporating User Testing in the Product Development lifecycle

After the introductory talks, the meetup will then break apart into 3 groups with each presenter for a facilitated discussion in that area (60 min in parallel).

In the group discussions, everyone will have a chance to get peer opinions on their ideas, challenges, and questions. The meetup will start at 6:00pm, with time at the end for everyone to hangout together over beers.

Find out more and register

ProductTO @ TWG

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