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The Working Group: Lean Canvas

Do you have a problem worth solving? Use the Lean Canvas to help you figure it out.

Created by Ash Mauyra, The Lean Canvas is a fast alternative to creating a full business plan. It’s a tool for brainstorming possible business models, prioritizing where to start, and tracking ongoing learning.  It helps you turn your idea into a set of assumptions which you can then test by going out and talking to potential customers.

It’ll help your think about every aspect of your business and stop you from getting too fixated on a single idea. It helps you answer that all-important question, DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WORTH SOLVING? 

We use the Lean Canvas all the time here at The Working Group to help our client partners plan, refine and test their ideas. Recently, we put together a sample version along with instructions on how to fill it out for a conference called TechRaking, where Managing Partner Dom delivered a talk about tools for entrepreneurs.

Because I’m all about maximizing content and sharing useful information,  I’m adding this to the blog for anyone to read. You should also check out the Lean Canvas website to find out more about this indispensable tool. I’d also love to hear what you think about our blog and the things you’d like to see us cover!

The Working Group: The Lean Canvas

The Working Group: Lean Canvas




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