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Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group

Exploring the future of Canadian Fashion

Operating at the intersection of fashion and technology, Decoded Fashion produces a worldwide series of events that connects startups with fashion brands, encouraging entrepreneurship and advancing innovation in fashion and retail. We teamed up with them for their Toronto kick-off here at The Working Group for a night exploring the future of Canadian fashion.

Check out these awesome fashion/tech companies that came out to share their stories…


FASHIONOTES is a leading online publication for fashion and technology news. Their digital fashion feed covers the latest in style, beauty, social media, new media, ecommerce and mobile. They cover everything from global brands to start-ups including:, Louis Vuitton, Polyvore, Instagram, Burberry, StyleMint, Moda Operandi, GiltGroupe, Pose, and many more.


Flixel is a living photo application that combines the effects of video capture and still photography to create mesmerizing, high-quality art, portfolio pieces, online ads or digital billboards. Their team also provides consulting for brands and agencies, and offers a complete visual package using cinemagraphs to enhance any type of campaign. Flixel was featured prominently in the latest season of America’s next top model after they partnered with Tyra Banks / Fierce Capital.

Kiwi Wearables:

Creators of the Kiwi Move, fresh from their CES Debut. The Kiwi Move is a smart activity tracker that sync it with internet-enabled devices whilst its supporting app analyses wearer’s behaviour and suggests improvements over time.


Fashion Forward, a recent graduate of the INCubes Accelerator, shared tales from the front lines of a new fashion startup. Their mission is to help consumers maximize the resale value of their wardrobe by giving them a place to list their unwanted clothes and browse for new items.


MAKELAB designs large, collaborative 3D printing experiences for brands and events, and makes their fleet of 10 3D printers available for anyone to use at their studio.

Four more fashion startups to watch: As spotted by Julia Che, Editor of Fashionotes and Founder of Lotus Leaf Communications

The Cools

What it is: A curated social shopping platform where you can follow cool tastemakers and shop recommendations in an intuitive way that actually makes you want to buy things. Kind of like OpenSky meets Facebook.
What it’s like: OpenSky meets Facebook
Who’s involved/Why it’s promising: Has over $1 million in funding, strong brand identity, original.

The Runthrough
What it is: A B2B platform for PR companies, editors and stylists that facilitates the sample trafficking process and makes it more like online shopping. Kind of like Fashion GPS meets Net-a-Porter.
What it’s like: Fashion GPS meets The Lookbook meets Net-a-Porter
Who’s involved/Why it’s promising: Started by former accessories editors who know the biz, plus major designers have signed on like Donna Karan and Michael Kors.

What it is: You can sell items from your closet with your phone (and buy stuff from others like a swap meet). Kind of like eBay meets Instagram.
What it’s like: eBay meets Instagram
Who’s involved/Why it’s promising: Raised $3.5 million in Series A financing, former Kaboodle CEO

What it does: Curated ecommerce where you can shop items endorsed by famous people like Kelly Bensimon, Cynthia Rowley and Julianne Moore at a reduced price and you customize who you follow.
What it’s like: Google Shops meets Twitter
Who’s involved/Why it’s promising: It recently raised $30 million in funding and is rapidly growing. They’ve also tapped some noteworthy people as curators. The CFDA just announced a partnership with the site offering members a rotating selection of pieces designed by CFDA members like Diane von Furstenberg and House of Waris.

Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group  Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group  Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group Decoded Fashion Meetup at The Working Group img_2171

Photo Credit: Christopher Mudiappahpillai

Thank you very much to all of our presenters, and to Lotus Leaf for supporting this event!

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