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Building Things That Matter

Building Things That Matter
Investing for Impact with SVX

We love working with people who have the drive and the vision to create projects that really matter  – things that have a significant positive impact in the world. These are the innovators that continually push us to be our best.

One of the innovators we’ve been lucky enough to work with is Adam Spence, Associate Director at the MaRS Centre for Impact Investing and founder of the SVX. Adam is committed to finding ways to mobilize capital to tackle our most pressing problems, and has spent the past six years working tirelessly to realise his vision for a new impact investing platform.

Social Venture Exchange – SVX from DreamLife Design Inc. on Vimeo.

Adam and his team engaged TWG as the official technology partner for The SVX (Social Venture Connexion) and since then, we’ve been fortunate enough to develop a deeper relationship with MaRS as mentors and advisors for their JOLT accelerator program. At the time, we knew the SVX project was a great opportunity to apply our technological expertise in such a way that we could really impact the innovation space in Canada.

Today, we’re celebrating alongside Adam and the SVX team as their platform officially launches. SVX says ‘Hello World.’

The SVX connects businesses and organizations with investment. The twist is that all of the organizations involved are geared towards positive social and/or environmental impact. The platform is the first of its kind, and the SVX team did incredible things in navigating the significant securities and regulatory challenges that were involved in making it a reality. We were consistently impressed with their tenacity, and with Adam’s leadership skills in keeping things flowing smoothly.

Over the past couple of years, we forged a strong partnership as we worked with their team to create an intuitive, fluid experience for impact investors to meet social ventures. The end result is a refined and efficient process that connects great ventures with the investment needed to take them to scale. Adam called it, ‘a clean, impeccably designed platform focused on providing a highly intuitive user interface, with a look and feel that is unparalleled in our industry.’

It is days like this one that remind us why we love what we do. A happy client, a meaningful project and a challenging set of problems solved.

Head to to see the platform in action, and follow their team on Twitter @theSVX



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