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Anything can happen.

The Three Amigos

With mountains of admiration, and an ocean of gratitude – we’re thrilled that our friends and business partners at Jet Cooper and Pilot have been acquired by Shopify.

You can read their accounts of it here and .
Over the past three years, we’ve developed a very special relationship with Jet Cooper and Pilot. We fought together in the same trenches, and shared some sweet victories. Our paths are going in new directions now, but the journey we shared was unforgettable and immensely valuable.

In 2011 we began a partnership with Jet Cooper, collaborating on an exciting range of web and mobile software projects, and creating one of Canada’s top creative hubs of collaborative software design and development. During this formative time, we worked tirelessly to evolve our agile software practices, allowing thoughtful design thinking to flow smoothly into rapid development cycles – and in the process we took seven major projects through design to successful delivery.

Very shortly thereafter, we expanded the relationship, teaming up with Andrew Peek and the guys at Rocketr (now named  Pilot), investing our own funds, brains, and most of all sweat, into building the initial API and foundation, which has since been iterated many times into what it is today. Both of these relationships taught us a number of extremely valuable life and business lessons:

1. Communicate. Keep the lines of communication open. When you’re upset, don’t let it stew, raise it and resolve it.

2. Respect. When you feel your partner is making a bad decision, let them know constructively, but also recognize that we all have our own path to travel, and that we don’t always have all of the information. Ask for the same consideration in return.

3. Trust. Trust your partners. You entered a relationship because of your belief in their integrity. In the dark times, remember that. In the bright times reinforce that by telling them.

Today, as we emerge from this partnership with deep knowledge and confidence in how best to integrate design directly into  software development, we recognize that there are brand new challenges ahead. Over the past year, we’ve been growing our team of interaction and product designers by bringing in five senior UX designers and strategists from some of Toronto and Montreal’s top agencies and software firms. Their abilities continue to strengthen the foundations of TWG – providing business value through the design, development and delivery of great software.

This weekend will include many toasts and high fives as we look back and  celebrate the end of an era. But our celebration will also mark the beginning of a new way forward, and the excitement that anything can happen.

3 Responses to Anything can happen.

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words Dom. It’s been a pleasure working together over these past few years, and I’m confident the future is bright on both sides!

  2. Bill Barbot says:

    Nice post, Dom. Your three “lessons” about working with partners could just as easily be about a marriage or a friendship … have you considered relationship counseling as a second career?

  3. Andrew Peek says:

    A wonderful capture Dom. I couldn’t have said it better. :)

    Thank you.

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