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Video: Meet The Bitmaker Labs Alumni

Video Credit: Bitmaker Labs 

Meet Irfan and Shane, two Bitmaker Labs alumni who recently joined us at The Working Group. Bitmaker Labs is a 9-week programming bootcamp teaching Ruby, Rails and JavaScript. Their intensive courses immerse you in Toronto’s startup ecosystem and expose you to Canada’s technology sector.

Thanks to the guys at Bitmaker for putting this video together and for giving us the opportunity to forever immortalize Will’s abject horror in gif form.


No. Just… no….
Credit: Brian Gilham 

“I think I was asking Will if he thought Shakespeare was more influenced by the socio-political environment of the times or not.” – Shane

Think you’d like it here? We’re always on the hunt for great people to join our team. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not get in touch?



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