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#nerdlearn returns to put front-end MVC frameworks to the test

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#nerdlearn takes a deep dive into the world of frameworks!

Angular. Backbone. Ember. There’s a dizzying array of options for developers to choose from when selecting a front-end MVC framework. If your head is spinning, join us on Thursday, July 25th for #nerdlearn and let our panelists guide you through the thorny labyrinth of front-end MVC frameworks.

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The (many, many) options

We’ll bring in developers with extensive experience with the popular frameworks to chat about the pros, cons, and peculiarities of each. What’s the learning curve? How testable is it? Is there an active community? These are the types of questions we’ll ask our panelists, in an attempt to level the playing field and help you pick the framework most suited to your needs.

All the cool kids are doing it

Front-end MVC may be ubiquitous, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good choice for every application. We’ll talk about situations where it offers a significant advantage, situations where it’s more effort than it’s worth, and those on-the-fence scenarios where a little goes a long way.

The Story

If you’re curious about the options, have a strong preference for a framework, or are just diving into the world of front-end MVC, then come on out! Bring your nerdy friends, have some pizza and beer, and #nerdlearn with us and some of our favourite members of the TO dev community.


The Panelists

Robin “evil trout” Ward

Robin’s been developing web applications professionally for over a decade. He’s also obsessed with web forums. Seriously. He likes them so much that he made a role playing game about them called Forumwarz, which found hundreds of thousands of users and was featured in Wired and The Onion. These days he’s working on Discourse, an open source forum platform that is one of the most starred projects on Github. Robin’s also obsessed with front end MVC, and writes a lot about it on his blog at

Monica Olinescu

Monica is a software engineer and aspiring entrepreneur. She is currently the lead developer at Push Science, a Toronto-based mobile customer experience management company. Her first forays into front-end MVC started back in the early days, with Backbone. From there, she moved on to build several apps with Angular, and is currently working on a big mobile Angular app for Push Science. She’ll be showing off a sample Angular app, and diving deep into the code with us. Outside of the coding world, Monica is an avid rock climber, and is happiest under a big blue sky and surrounded by trees.

Robert Jackiewicz

Over the past decade Robert has developed an assortment of applications ranging from skittle sorting robots, compilers on supercomputers and finally arriving at modern apps hosted in the cloud. Through that time he has been a big proponent in BDD, Outside In Development and staying current with the ever changing world of JS. He was a key figure in the complete rewrite of Wave Accounting’s product predominately using Backbone.js and friends on the frontend.  Essentially being a polyglot developer, he brings a unique perspective to writing fully tested rich Internet apps. This includes but is not limited to BDD JS, API implementation, UI and finally the build/development process around frontend (include tools like Node.js and Grunt/Yeoman/Bower).  When he is not developing (or ranting about software engineering), he can be found enjoying the many fine drinking establishments of Toronto with a particular fond taste of Scotch and Bourbon.


Meet Our Moderator

Dessy Daskalov (@dess_e) is an entrepreneur, web and mobile developer, and currently the CTO and co-founder of Greengage Mobile. She’s always excited to chat with other developers and entrepreneurs, and has been moderating our #nerdlearn panels for over 2 years. She spends most of her time building Greengage and dreaming up big ideas for the future with the team. When she isn’t Greengage-ing, you can find her at local Toronto dev events, reading a book on her balcony, or devouring a poutine – her one non-veggie food addiction.

Panel Details

Our #nerdlearn panels are always very casual. We’ll start the night off with pizza, beer, and mingling. The panel will begin at 6:30pm, and will run for about an hour. Although we do have a general plan for the discussion, we encourage you to get involved throughout the hour, ask our panelists tough questions, and shout out your opinions. The more you #nerdlearn, the happier our panelists are! If you want to bring along some developer friends, feel free to send along this invite!


  • Thursday, July 25th, 6:00pm at 425 Adelaide St. West, #300 (panel begins at 6:30pm)
  • Discussion, insights, and awesome hardware provided by the panelists
  • Tough questions provided by you
  • Follow updates on twitter at #nerdlearn

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