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good people drinking wine and talking to each other

good people drinking wine and talking to each other


Like a fine wine, some things just get better with age. We’re excited that this month heralds the return of a classic TWG event – good people drinking wine and talking to each other.

It’s an early thing on Thursday, May 30th. Short and sweet. There will be tasting glasses of wine, as well as other alcoholic and non-alcoholic things. Cheeses and good nibbles will be in abundance, but it’s not meant to spoil your supper.

And then … at 8.00 pm, our encounter will end. You will all move on to your dinner reservations and parties and vegetarian yoga classes, full of cheese and ideas, a good buzz, and fun new friends to find on Twitter or Facebook over the weekend.

This event is for thinkers, entrepreneurs, graphic designers, fashion designers, models, industrial designers, web developers, animators, film-makers, gamers, writers, musicians, painters, wine lovers, chefs and foodies. We’re inviting a carefully curated selection of the city’s friendliest, most vivacious people to connect over a glass and a nibble and watch four short, yet spell-binding, presentations.


Pete Forde is an acclaimed technologist, serial entrepreneur and open source community leader. Pete was an early proponent of Ruby on Rails and Ajax web techniques. In 2004 he founded Unspace Interactive, the first Rails consultancy. He started BuzzData (now LookBookHQ) in 2011 and is now a technical strategy consultant. An avid traveler and occasional touring rock drummer, Pete is passionate about pinball and film photography. Pete will be talking about his experiences at Meddle, a new, international series of events that gathers influential, creative people together to tackle specific subjects, and how to get people talking about passion projects.

Claire Buré (Commons11) will give fresh insight into the mobile apps scene in developing countries. She just returned from Kathmandu where she was on the jury for a mobile apps pitching event – all solutions were created by local Nepalis, for local challenges. In her opinion, this is where tech in international development should be moving – to support these local startups. Claire is a social scientist fascinated by the way people use technologies and how it changes their lives. It all started about a decade ago when she studied how homeless people in Scotland use mobile phones – yes, they all had one – and how they were used, for better or for worse. Scotland is also where she developed a fine taste for whisky.

Dominic Bortolussi (@dombort) is the founder and CEO of TWG. He has spent over a decade deeply immersed in technology, leading countless happy customers to greater prosperity, operational agility, and community involvement online. The philosophy on which he founded the company still stands strong today – that if you love what you do, quality will follow. Creatively driven in all aspects of his life, he is a musician, cook, wine love and soccer fan in addition to being a expert technology strategist. He’ll be talking about wine, life, and tech.

Sam Shuter (Sammo) is an independent artist, originally from Montreal but now living and working in Toronto. Her work juxtaposes her often abstract backgrounds with her more figurative foreground drawings in two different styles. Her larger than life art stems from her appreciation for the traditional elements of men’s fashion; a colorful necktie, a beautiful Italian boot, and more specifically, the lines of a well-tailored suit. Her style is influenced by street art, stenciling and graffiti; as well as graphic design. Sam will be talking about the why she chose the life of an artist when it’s such a tough career to break into.

Are you good people? Sign up to join our hand-picked group of innovators – friends, colleagues, and super interesting bon-vivants – to drink some great drinks, eat some delicious things, and learn something about something new.

Tickets cost $10 and include a wine tasting with accompanying cheeses and snacks. Register for the event here. 




TWG is an Internet software company based in Toronto. We design, build and maintain web and mobile applications for a growing list of happy clients. We also incubate startup companies and host events for our community. Our mission is to be the best software company in the world to learn, work, and grow at.

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