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Photo: TWG Partner Chris Eben talks Mobile 101 at the Jumpwire Media Speaker Series

Mobile Apps 101

You know the future is mobile, but where do you start? How are apps are built, what resources should you use, and what do you look for in a great app? On Thursday night TWG Partner Chris Eben headed out to the Jumpwire Media Speaker Series: Thinking Mobile to give a short presentation to a diverse audience that all had one thing on their minds – mobile apps.




How are mobile apps built?

There are also many different platforms for app development. From objective C for iOS to C++ for BlackBerry, each operating system comes with its own requirements and skill sets. There are also web apps, designed to be built once and deployed effectively across multiple operating systems.

Choosing where to build your app depends on your customers and how they behave, as well as considerations such as time and budget. For example, when building an Android app consider that a large portion of your budget will go towards Quality Assurance (QA) and testing. This is because so many different types of devices use Android, meaning that you have to be sure your app works correctly across many different handsets.

What resources can I use to build my mobile app?

There is a huge wealth of resources online that can help you to understand more about mobile application development. Not only do companies like Apple provide extensive documentation on how to develop for their platforms, there are also a wealth of resources available, both online and in your community. And if you’ve got a burning question about mobile apps, you can always drop us a line. We’d be happy to help!

What makes a great app, great?

Your mobile app should solve a real life problem, make life more convenient for the user and do exactly what it says it’s going to do. Strong UX (user experience) is incredibly important but  your users won’t stick around if there isn’t a tangible benefit to using your app. Following platform conventions is key for getting people into the habit of using your app – if they can navigate around your app the same way they navigate around their phone, it’s instantly clear what they are supposed to do and why.


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