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On the fence about BB10? You are not alone…

This past summer and fall TWG engaged with RIM (now renamed to Blackberry ) to help with building the BlackBerry 10 WebWorks platform.  While the press was hammering BlackBerry and continuing to glorify the growing market share of Apple and Android in the smartphone and tablet market, we were given the opportunity to gain a deeper insight into their much-anticipated new platform.

With exposure to some great developers from Blackberry and the chance to put two of our own team on the project, we began to see the side to this company that wasn’t represented in the media – a side with an ability to innovate the technology beyond the other mobile platforms currently winning all the praise.

Given our unique position working directly with Blackberry on this project, I was invited by BNN to offer my perspective on the plaform during both the lead-up to the launch and on launch day itself. While I hate to be the guy that sits on the fence, it’s hard not to do so when there are so many factors that will make or break BlackBerry 10.

(Click the images to see the full interviews)

Screenshot: TWG Partner Chris Eben talks BB10 on BNN on the day of the Blackberry 10 Launch

Screenshot of video clip: Link to Chris Eben talks BB10 on BNN


As you’ll see from these interviews, I truly believe that they have done something above and beyond the competition with the mobile browser and they have certainly launched a device and OS that competes closely with the top devices and platforms on the market today. I still debate the native vs mobile web question on almost a daily basis. If one is to believe that mobile web is the future, then it follows that the future might look bright for Blackberry 10. They have a solid offering with the combination of the hardware, the new OS, its innovative and well thought out UI/UX and, perhaps most importantly, a good foundation of native apps for the Blackberry App World.

The most challenging question at this point is whether they can slow the momentum of Apple and Android, regardless of the quality of the technology they’ve produced. No one is qualified to predict that at this point – there are just too many market dynamics at play. I’ll just say that I really hope they succeed with Blackberry 10. Mobile is too new to have two dominant players owning the market at this point. We should all support strong competition and strive for continued innovation.


Chris Eben (@ceben) is a partner at TWG. He has more than 13 years of product management experience across web and mobile, working for startups as well as large organizations, and is the organiser of Startup Weekend Toronto. 


TWG is an Internet software company based in Toronto. We design, build and maintain web and mobile applications for a growing list of happy clients. We also incubate startup companies and host technology events for our community. Our mission is to be the best software company in the world to learn, work, and grow at.

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