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Hiring Web Application Developers – Intermediate to Senior.

As a TWG web developer, you’ll be fully involved in all aspects of application design, software development, testing and deployment. Our team of twenty works with a refreshing mix of tech start-ups, established media companies and recognized business brands like the Globe and Mail, Freshbooks, CBC and RIM  to craft innovative and powerful web based software.

We’re constantly looking to push the envelope with new technologies –– from responsive layouts and real-time web interfaces, to  location-based systems, automated split testing, cloud service integration, high volume distributed applications, mapping, and more. If you’re passionate about web software development, read through this extensive job description and scoring chart and then get in contact with us.

You can read more about who we are and what we do on our website and blog.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is a natural tinkerer who is self-motivated to see how we can apply new technologies to real life problems.
  • Can manage their time well and can direct themselves with confidence.
  • Is interested in Agile development, XP, and Lean business principles – someone who learns from experience and improves their processes and practices.
  • Is willing to wear multiple hats and get involved in many different technical and business aspects of a project.
  • Likes to collaborate within a group.
  • Likes to teach or speak to small groups about technology and its application in life and business.
  • Enjoys delicious coffee during the day and socializing over beverages in the evening.

Required skills:

  • At least three years of web application development experience with at least one of Ruby, PHP, Python or .NET environments.
  • Please use our scoring sheet below to see if you’re the right fit.

Nice to have:

  • Has experience leading small teams and projects
  • Can demo their own web application
  • Interested in mobile development
  • Enjoys pushing the technology envelope
  • Loves Git

Scoring System:

Please run through this scoring sheet to see if we’re the right fit.

Score +2 for each of the following languages that you have more than 3 years experience working with: Ruby, Python, PHP, Javascript, .NET ,

Score + 3 if you have experience programming iOS, Android, or Blackberry (gasp) applications,

Score + 1 if you know what OOP is,

Score +2 if you write tests (UnitTest, RSpec, or some other test driven framework),

Score -2 if you do not routinely use a testing framework when you code applications,

Score +1 if you use source control extensively. Bonus +1 if you use git,

Score +2 for being very comfortable working in an *nix / linux environment,

Score +2 for each of the following database platforms that you have used in a live production environment: mySQL, Postgres, Redis, Mongo,

Score +2 if you have created an API for a production environment,

Score +2 if you have used Chef or Puppet or other deployment automation tools,

Score – 5 if you generally use ftp to deploy applications,

Score +2 if you have excellent HTML and css skills, and add a bonus +1 if you can show us something significant that you coded in HTML5,

Score +1 if you ride a bike,

Score +1 if you play an instrument,

Score +1 if you speak another language,

Score +1 if you paint, draw, sculpt, and build things,

Score +1 if you keep a blog,

Score +1 if you enjoy teaching.

So what do you score?

If you score OVER 20, then send us your score breakdown to Tell us a bit about yourself, what you’ve worked on, what kinds of problems you like to solve. We’ll follow up and arrange a time to chat. If you score over 28, we’ll buy you a nice bottle of wine.

More about TWG

TWG is a web and mobile agency for designers, coders, thinkers and friends. Each day we pour all of our creative energy into what we love, and that makes getting out of bed in the morning the easiest decision we make all day.

We’ve got a great team, and environment down here on Adelaide St. and we get the opportunity to work with Startups, on our own software product – PostageApp, as well as recognized brands like Globe and Mail, CBC, Freshbooks, RIM. We even have bi-annual work retreats, monthly community events like #nerdlearn, and there’s always tasty coffee and tea.

For some, working at TWG will be a career, for others, it will be a stepping stone on the way to even greater things. And we’re fine with that, because we know that everyone’s path is a little bit different. In fact TWG’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to be the best software company in the world to learn, work and grow at. We love our work, and that makes it fun to create incredible web and mobile experiences for our clients, partners and community.

We look forward to hearing from you.

One Response to Hiring Web Application Developers – Intermediate to Senior.

  1. Will Langstroth says:

    I’ll take that bottle of wine, since I scored a 36. Maybe a 35, since I don’t tell anyone where my blog is.

    Anyway, I’m doing lots of contract work, but you guys have great design sense, so if you’re looking for a generalist, I’m happy to apply.

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