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Derek was a total score for TWG

Scott, our reigning heavyweight in research and development, had been telling us since 2008 about a legendary developer that he once knew – a man who was tall as a redwood, sharp as a tack, a dev who covered the full stack, who could Project Manage, and who just ‘got shit done’. We asked ourselves who was this unicorn, and where could we find such a beast? Little did we know that a couple years later, we’d get the heads up that Derek was looking for a good team to join.

Derek took a well worn trajectory as a developer, starting with a small company, joining a startup, moving up the ladder to the corporate canyons of media and broadcast, only to finally realize that he wanted to find a team who felt the same way as he did.

So we started a conversation over beers with Derek, and immediately discovered that there was perfect alignment in what we were all looking for. Derek wanted to truly build a career, learning from the best, teaching others what he knew, and working in an environment where people cared about what they did.

Derek walked in the TWG office and we all had a double take. Here was a 6 foot 9, smiling giant, with a laptop that looked like a toy in his hand. Chris and Andres nudged each other knowingly.. because this was going to take our AgencyBall team to the all-world finals.

But Derek’s a bit of a study in contrasts. He’s not a basketball player, and apart from his stature, he’s not imposing or imperial. He’s quickly found his spot among the new TWG’ers as a senior and very versatile developer. As he gets his feet wet here, each week we’re happily surprised when he steps up and takes on a new role within a new project.  It’s been a big year for Derek and his soon to be growing family.. He’s got a little one on the way, a new house, and now a new position as a senior dev at TWG. We’d like to welcome Derek Watson to the TWG family. It’s going to be great, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him.

3 Responses to Derek was a total score for TWG

  1. Chris Eben says:

    Derek, we’re so happy to have you on the team. You’ve been an amazing teammate and positive force in the office from day one!

  2. Rudi says:

    This guy is the real deal! Lucky find for The Working Group … Derek’s quiet humor alone will get you through the tough days … all the best to you all! Can’t wait for “baby Ruth’s” arrival!
    Auntie Ruth

  3. Dom says:

    That’s a freaking tall Bear Cub!

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