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Steph and Kenneth join the TWG posse

Following our Earth-shaking (Toronto) tech scene announcement on Tuesday, we’re glad to announce that two more code-slingers have joined the infamous TWG posse.

Stephan (Frenchie) Leroux brings a deadly array of iOS, Android and Blackberry skills. By day he shoots with deadly speed and accuracy in any mobile environment, and by night he picks up his guitar to strum by the campfire, keeping the team calm, cool and collected.

Kenneth (Kenny) Lee uses the power of his mind to incapacitate his foes (browser inconsistencies, non-trivial application workflows). Kenneth joins TWG from the weird and wonderful world of Startups, where he wrestled (bare chested) SVG, javascript and css monsters.

Together, these two fine code-slingers add some more muscle to our team, and ensure that we can tackle any challenge that gets in our way. Take your hats off, or give a curtsey to the two new bad-boys in town – Steph and Kenneth.


One Response to Steph and Kenneth join the TWG posse

  1. John says:

    Wonderful combination!)

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