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#nerdlearn – The Future of JavaScript

Here at TWG, we’re always inspired by the Toronto dev community, so we’re extremely excited to kick-off our first #nerdlearn panel of the year. On February 2nd (Groundhog Day!) at 6pm, we’ll be chatting about The Future of JavaScript at the TWG studio, unit 501. Grab a ticket here, and follow updates on Twitter at #nerdlearn.

This round, we’ll be talking JavaScript with three developers from the Toronto community, who are all passionate about not only this topic, but about web and mobile development in general. We can’t wait to hear their perspective on what the future will bring, and how JavaScript will fit into that future.


Meet our first panelist, Cameron Westland of Big Bang Technology Inc.

1. Cameron Westland@camwest

Cam is the co-founder of Big Bang Technology Inc., as well as an experienced web developer. He’s a strong believer in the power of web technology to give people new perspectives, educate, and empower them. He does both front-end and back-end development, so you better believe he’s had ample JavaScript experience. Cam is very active in the Toronto dev community, and organizes JavaScript Hack Nights hosted by Big Bang. Cam’s curiosity often gets the better of him, and he’s always exploring many subject areas outside of technology.

Our second panelist, Jack Neto, is part of The Working Group family.

2. Jack Neto@jack_neto

Jack was employee #1 at TWG back in 2005, and is now a Partner and Tech Lead of a 10 person dev team. Jack’s a quick study, a perfectionist, and an old hand at information handling and graphic interfaces. He’s been a developer for longer than he can remember, built more web apps than he can count, and used JavaScript for almost every one of those. Jack’s been talking our ears off about this topic ever since he attended The Keeping it Realtime Conference in Portland earlier this year. Most recently, he’s been obsessed with finding ways to use all the great new JavaScript technology in his Rails apps.

Dan Williams, our third panelist, lives in node.js land at Igniter.

3. Dan Williams@deedubs

Dan is the lead developer at Igniter. Having learned at young age that drawing and painting weren’t in his genes, he turned to code as his creative outlet. After years of experience with PHP and Ruby on Rails, he’s found his home in node.js. For Dan, node is like a mind-meld with code. Living in an event-driven world, node maps naturally to the way the world works, making it easier than ever to create the world that comes next. Known as deedubs in the ether, he can often be found contributing to code communities though github and IRC where he is immersed in building better infrastructure for building better apps.

Our surprise fourth panelist, Stephen Hamer, has done things in the browser that you’ve never even heard of.

4. Stephen Hamer@StephenHamer

Stephen is a co-founder at Upverter Inc. here in Toronto. He spends his time at Upverter trying to make electronics design easier, bringing some of the things he can’t live without in software development, like version control, to hardware development. His recent forays into JavaScript have been using the Google Closure library and tools to build a browser based CAD tool. Stephen also spends a good deal of time doing server side development in Python. Recently he’s fallen in love with gevent and is trying to find ways to use it in each of his new projects.

A little bit of background …

Last summer, we decided to start hosting #nerdlearn panels to bring together developers from the community, and give them the chance to learn from our panelists, who are always experts on the topic of the evening. The events are always very casual. We start the night off with pizza, beer, and mingling, followed by the actual panel for about an hour. Although we do have a general plan for the discussion, we encourage the audience to get involved throughout the hour, ask our panelists tough questions, and shout out their opinions.

If you’re a developer in Toronto, and you’re more than ready to #nerdlearn and meet other great local developers, come out and join us on February 2nd at 6pm!

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