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TWG is a digital agency of thinkers, designers, coders, and friends – lovingly crafting the internet since 2002.

We’ve partnered with TEDxToronto since year one because it personally reminds and inspires us to keep looking forward, and to keep getting better. Like TEDxTO, TWG works with people that want to bring great ideas into existence – that’s what excites us the most.

This year’s TEDxTO theme ‘redefinition’ resonates particularly well because we sense a paradigm shift happening within internet technology. We see the ‘internet’ continuing to be the primary information ‘network’, however we also expect the channels through which it is exposed and accessed to change radically in the next five years. PC-based ‘Web’ will be supplanted by mobile, tablet, console, and transmedia experience. If redefinition means changing our understanding and thus relationships to existing things, then we’re about to see that happen with the internet.

Redefinition is a challenge that every creative individual faces in their life; and in their career. So thank you TEDxToronto for inspiring and helping redefine TWG’s creativity.

Today’s Live Stream:

Dom & Andrés talk TEDxTO in last year’s sponsor video:

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