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#nerdlearn 2.0 recap


We <3 nerds, and we <3 the Toronto dev community, so on August 25th we hosted our second #nerdlearn panel. Since mobile is the future, we wanted to discuss what the future of mobile dev is with some respected members of the Toronto mobile dev community.

Jeremy Bower, Pearl Chen, and Jeff Zakrzewski did an amazing job describing mobile development today, and speculating on what the future will bring. They also tackled some tough questions thrown out by our amazing audience.

Jon Lim put his videography skills to good use the night of #nerdlearn:

We had some great conversation,

lots of audience participation,

and the necessities of all good dev events: mingling, beer, and pizza.

A huge thank you to our panelists and audience members, we can’t wait to have you back for the next one!

3 Responses to #nerdlearn 2.0 recap

  1. Jeremy Poskowitz says:

    What’s the name of the track in the vid?

  2. Great event – thanks for hosting!

  3. Jon Lim says:

    @Jeremy: It’s called Feather by Nujabes. Here’s a link to the non-instrumental version on YouTube:

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