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Lean Week Day 2: LeanMimosasTO

There’s a big reason TWG has been attending LeanCoffeeTO for 1 year…

It’s not only for the Lean…
It’s certainly not for the Coffee…

It’s all about the TO!

photo credit: Chris Mudiappahpillai

For TWG, LeanCoffee has been about the trusted relationships we’ve uncovered.
I’m talking about the intelligent, driven, passionate, GOOD PEOPLE we get to debate business issues with each week, and learn from all year.

Today was a great reminder of how much we’ve gained in the past 12 months, as we all reminisced about the past year of lean, and deliberated our hopes for the year to come. It wasn’t too heavy, just a bunch of leanists drinking mimosas on a rooftop, celebrating the past and getting eager for what’s to come.

photo credit: Chris Mudiappahpillai

We look forward to another 52 weeks of 8am congregations. We look forward to making friends with more of Toronto’s brightest entrepreneurs. And of course, we look forward to being challenged and inspired by this vibrant community of thinkers and doers.

Thank you #LeanCoffeeTO.

PS – In case you missed Day 1 of Lean Week, checkout the recap from MyCityLives. And please join us for more Lean Week tomorrow at BigBangTechnology, Thursday at Jet Cooper, and Friday at BNOTIONS.

5 Responses to Lean Week Day 2: LeanMimosasTO

  1. Max Cameron says:

    Thanks for hosting us today gentlemen, you truly know how to throw a classy LCTO. I’d like to shout out @mud for taking these great photos.


  2. Andrés says:

    Thanks Max, I look forward to 8am tomorrow at BigBang.

    And yes, thank you Chris for the awesome photos. I can’t wait to see the pics from the entire week. Photo credit has been been added. My apologies for not getting it in there in the first place Chris!

  3. Mark Reale says:

    Look at those smiles –

    It was a classy morning –

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