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TWG welcomes Brian Gilham to the team

TWG is excited to announce yet another piece of great news; Brian Gilham – developer, entrepreneur, inventor, funny and all-round great guy, has joined the TWG team.

After a rewarding and valuable period of growth in his previous position at Espresso, Brian caught the entrepreneur bug in a big way by co-founding 2010’s StartupWeekend Toronto winner Task Ave. It’s an amazing iPhone app that lets you connect reminders to a geographical location, and then buzzes you when you are near those spots. Go check it out.

The Task Ave team executed a schedule-defying progression of presentations, iterations and releases, to successfully get the app from concept, to launch in the Apple App-Store. We were impressed.

After the success of Task Ave, we found ourselves constantly bumping into Brian at local tech meetups and events about town, and we decided to get serious about working together. So we sat down to talk about our approach to work, life, short and long term goals. Finally we gave him our “patent-pending” Iron Coder challenge. He passed with flying colours.

Brian brings a great set of front-end, back-end, and ‘just get it done in the end’ skills to our team. We’re also glad to know that he shares our entrepreneurial energy and ambition to create great new software and products. Please join us in welcoming Brian Gilham to the team.

2 Responses to TWG welcomes Brian Gilham to the team

  1. Great addition! Brian is an awesome guy all around.

  2. Brian Gilham says:

    Thanks Casie!

    I’m more than excited to be a part of the TWG family.

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