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#nerdlearn Recap

VIDEO UPDATE: What’s better than nerds, pizza, and beer? Our thoughts exactly. That’s why on May 19th, we gathered Toronto developers at the TWG studio for our debut #nerdlearn panel, THE FUTURE OF RAILS. A big thank you to our three panelists, Kevin Faustino, Pete Forde, and Scott Tadman, as well as to our wonderful(ly nerdy) audience for their amazing questions and participation.

As promised, our marketing superstar (and part-time videographer) Jon Lim filmed the event… enjoy:

Thank you to all the panelists and attendees that made it out to nerdlearn last night. We had a great time, and were very impressed with the quality of discussion, questions, and learning.

I’d like to give a special shout-out to our distinguished moderator, Dessy Daskalov, who did an amazing job of organizing the event, and setting the tone for our discussion on THE FUTURE OF RAILS. Thank you Dessy, we look forward to many more nerdlearn panels.

Some highlights from the night:

“PHP developers are typically like hunter gatherers… occasionally there are pockets of civilization (cakePHP, Fuel, CodeIgniter)”
Scott parallels programming communities to the evolution of human subsistence strategies.

“When Unspace started off, our customers asked us what would happen if we all fell out of a plane? We encouraged competition, so our customers would be comfortable using Rails.”
Pete pointed out that the biggest challenge facing Rails, is the lack of up and coming junior developers. Large companies rely on a reliable supply of developers to continually meet their software demands.

“The biggest problem Ruby has with moving to the enterprise, is the firewall… gems”
Kevin on the resource restrictions RoR devs can make use of behind enterprise firewalls.

Thanks again, and hope to see you at future #nerdlearn panels!


May 20th (today): Ruby Job Fair at Unspace, featuring Rubyists, Employers, and Spiked Tea –
June 2nd: Technologic at UnSpace, featuring Giles Bowkett –
Every 3rd Monday (except for December): Rails Pub Nite, 7pm at the Rhino
Toronto Ruby Brigade (includes Ruby Hack Night and Ruby Book Club):

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