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Meet the Panel of #nerdlearn 1.0:

On May 19th TWG is hosting, “Good Developers Drinking Beer and Learning from Each Other” code named #nerdlearn. Much akin to our Good People Drinking Wine events, #nerdlearn is for local developers looking to connect with some of TO’s best senior developers in a panel/Q&A format.

This inaugural #nerdlearn will focus on THE FUTURE OF RAILS (yes, in all caps), but going forward we’ll choose topics that influence the entire sphere of being an excellent developer.

RSVP here:


Pete Forde, Unspace:

@petefordeIn 2004 Pete founded Unspace Interactive. Not long after, he transition from proprietary Microsoft development to becoming one of the first adopters of Ruby on Rails. He was the curator of the RubyFringe and FutureRuby conferences, and hosts the popular monthly “Rails Pub Nite” developer event — of which there has been over 50 to date.

An avid traveler and occasional touring rock drummer, Pete is passionate about music and film photography. He recently co-founded BuzzData, a data publishing and collaboration hub.

Pete also likes to explore places you’re not supposed to go:

Pete Forde
You can also find Pete at:


TWG’s own, Scott Tadman (brought to you by the number 4):

@tadmanterSince 1990, before most of us had even heard of the web, Scott’s been a database manager, network engineer, system administrator, software developer, creative director, writer, and electrician. So you can bet he’s involved at every stage of the projects TWG produces.

Scott is TWG’s Senior Architect; co-founder of; and 4-time Science Fair Winner when he was a kid (unfortunately no photo available).

He is also the #4 Answerer on Stack Overflow for ruby-on-rails so be sure to ask him lots of questions at #nerdlearn –

#4 Answerer on Stack Overflow for ruby-on-rails

You can also find Scott at: &


Kevin Faustino, Nulayer:

@kfaustinoKevin is a passionate programmer and craftsmanship advocate who works at Nulayer as a Senior Software Developer. He has been professionally developing for 6 years, with the last 3 years focused on Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

When not working, he is organizing the Toronto Ruby Brigade and blogging at

You can also find Kevin at: &

We also suspect that Kevin likes Lost:LOST DVD Set

Meet Kevin, Scott and Pete on May 19th, 6:30pm at TWG HQ:

Other upcoming Dev events you might be interested in:

May 20th: Ruby Job Fair at Unspace, featuring Rubyists, Employers, and Spiked Tea –

June 2nd: Technologic at UnSpace, featuring Giles Bowkett –

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