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3 reasons why I’m totally fine with Microsoft buying Skype

Skype: not for wimps

1. Microsoft can’t possibly screw it up more than Ebay did. Seriously, Ebay did nothing with Skype in 4years… except sell it for almost exactly what they bought it for in 2005.

2. If they royally mess it up, then someone other than my mother might actually FaceTime me. (Apple get on this would ya)

3. Skype’s brand is so big (and respected) that they have the clout to influence Microsoft’s culture and approach to the net. Redmond’s foray into the web has been lacklustre at best. I give them minor credit for buying Hotmail back in the day, but they blew it not too long after. I suppose Bing is ok, but it’s hardly more than a plug-in for Internet Explorer* – a product which most people have to use, or don’t know how to get out of using. Skype however has the chance to shape how MS approaches their future web and mobile products, and that’s actually interesting to me.

Maybe we’ll have a 4 horse race after all: Google, Facebook, Apple, and bringing up the rear… Microsoft.

Bonus points…

The #4 reason why I’m totally fine with Microsoft buying Skype: After all these years, it appears that I’ll actually pay for a MS product!


* the worst product in the history of the internet

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