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Seeking talented web developer who can score over 14 points.

TWG is a web development shop for designers, coders, thinkers and friends. Each day we pour all of our creative energy into what we love, and that makes getting out of bed in the morning the easiest decision to make all day.

For some, working at TWG will be a career, for others, it will be a stepping stone on the way to other even greater things. And we’re fine with that, because we know that everyone’s path is a little bit different. In fact TWG’s Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to become the best web application shop in the world to Learn, Work and Innovate. If you’re still intrigued, please read on..

In the winter, we take a week off and head somewhere sunny to regroup, re-energize and dream up the next big idea we want to tackle.

In the summer, we take a week to head somewhere north with a nice lake, to sit around campfires, play music, and assess our progress and plan for the months ahead.

And in between, we do all sorts of good stuff in our studio, building web and mobile apps for our clients, as well as designing and developing our own products to bring online. We’re primarily a Ruby on Rails shop that has recently started to work with html5, iOS and other mobile technologies. If you’re a talented web developer, and think you have plenty to learn and plenty to share, please read on..

So what do you bench?

There are some things you should know something about. For each line that you satisfy, count 2 points:

You have very good HTML and css skills
You have a solid grasp of javascript, jQuery, ajax, json
You have experience coding in Ruby on Rails,
You know what OOP is and what to do with it
You have written tests in either UnitTest, RSpec, or some other test driven framework
You have experience using mySQL or PostgreSQL
You use code versioning systems like git, svn, cvs
You have worked in php, or asp,

Context points. For each line that you satisfy, count 1 point:
You speak another language or have a *fünny* last name,
You ride a bike a lot,
You can play a musical instrument,
You play a team sport,
You paint, draw, sculpt, build,
You have a blog,
You use twitter regularly.
You truly enjoy learning and teaching

So what do you bench?
If you score OVER 14, then send us your score breakdown and get in touch today!

How To Get In Touch:
To avoid people who don’t like to read or have fun, or robots that like to spam the world, we want you to email us at and place the the immortal words of Lionel Ritchie in the subject line: Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

2 Responses to Seeking talented web developer who can score over 14 points.

  1. Ben says:

    Well, I’ve got the funny last name down.

  2. admin says:

    You probably bench over 20 Ben. Come back to Toronto :)

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