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The Comfortable Mexican Sofa – vitamin D infused

Sit back on your comfortable American, European, Chinese, British, or perhaps Canadian sofa, and read the story of TWG’s very own CMS – The Comfortable Mexican Sofa – which began back in March of 2009, on our annual winter work retreat down to Mexico.

Comfortable Mexican Sofa

The original comfortable mexican sofa

Our annual trip to Mexico has a few purposes. It gives us a light at the end of the tunnel through the long, cold and wet Canadian winter. It provides us with a new environment to live and work in, letting us stretch our creativity and energy. It replenishes our vitamin D, and it rewards everyone for doing so much to make TWG succeed throughout the year.

Our 2009 trip was an amazingly productive week (although we only realized that many months later). The idea once we arrived, was for each of us to have a concept to pitch to the team, with the goal of convincing one or two other developers or designers to join forces with you and make it happen. On that particular trip, we worked on two main ideas:
1. – which has since been launched as a successful email management system for developers.
2. Our own CMS.. a simple cms, built for developers, by developers, with the twist that it can be added into any Rails application, rather than the usual set up which requires you to build your application around an existing CMS structure (like the excellent Radiant or Refinery)

This amazing CMS was in fact coded mostly by Oleg. And where did he code it you ask? Near the TV, and dining room (nachos and coke), on a giant sofa. In fact, so comfortable was this sofa, that Oleg slept on it most nights. I have included a photo of us watching episodes of Firefly on the Comfortable Mexican Sofa, and of us eating a meal on the Comfortable Mexican Dining Table, which was on the patio near the sofa.

Comfortable Mexican Dining Table

The comfortable mexican dining table

Moral of the story?
Go somewhere different at least once a year.
Don’t try to over-structure things.
Let things happen.

3 Responses to The Comfortable Mexican Sofa – vitamin D infused

  1. Adam Brault says:

    Wow, you guys are totally like our long-lost Canadian cousins.

    Our team (who would describe ourselves a lot like you) just finished spending a month in an Italian castle. (If you’re looking for somewhere awesome, you should totally go there. Best wine and cappuccinos anywhere!)

    Let’s get together sometime. Seriously!

  2. Enjoy the freedom, fun

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