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The BIG Goal – TEDxToronto at TWG

I thought I’d add some important context for everyone who will be attending the TEDxToronto Salon at our studio this Friday Feb 11th.

“Something magic happens when you believe that your big goals are achievable and you make those goals public. You start thinking, plotting, and doing all the little steps that are going to take you there.” – Signal Vs. Noise

You guessed it! The theme for this salon is ‘The BIG Goal’, and we want YOU to share your goals and ideas.

Please don’t come to the TEDxToronto Salon expecting be a wallflower. Plan on participating.

It’s your opportunity to take the first step and state your BIG goal to an amazing group of people. Come prepared to briefly share your big goal, your ideas, your entrepreneurial dream, or what drove you towards your existing work. This gathering of like-minded, connected, and smart people will become a great resource and inspiration for all, and it’s membership into a group of people who will make big differences. Don’t miss this chance. Please participate.

The Plan. From 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm:

1. Wine and Food – In the spirit of TWG’s periodic ‘Good People Drinking Wine and Talking to Each Other‘ events, we’ll be opening the event with a quick introduction to some favorite Ontario wines. There will also be a table of delicious appetizers and finger food.  This is time to say hello to people around you, and quench your thirst after a long week.

2. The Speakers – The music will rise to a crescendo and and TEDx speakers Drew Dudley, and Neil Pasricha will stand to talk about their Big Goal, or a moment in their life that was a turning point to something greater.

3. Feedback – You’ll get to ask Drew and Neil your own questions, offer feedback, connect with others.

4. Your Goals – Drew will work his magic to encourage us all to stand up and state our own BIG goal or  BIG idea. Inspiration, perspiration, hillarification ensues.


Free, but space is limited…in fact it’s already full. If you’ve RSVP’d but can’t make it, please let us know so that those on the waiting list can get in.

We’re looking forward to meeting you and hearing all the entrepreneurial dreams Toronto has to offer. See you Friday.

– Your friends at TEDxToronto & The Working Group

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