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We All Want To Be Young

Just watched a great 10 minute video (scroll down to view), made by a Brazillian research company called Box1824. It talks about youth culture, its origin, evolution, where it is today and where it’s headed in the future. Here’s what it made me think about:

1. People’s outward identities are more complex than they ever were before. I believe that one of the internet’s cultural impacts is that individuality is king. It’s now acceptable for people to have many odd, juxtaposed and sometimes incongruous interests, and to wear these identity markers proudly online. Individuality is king now. So if the 80’s were about identifying with one clique (i.e. Breakfast Club), then 2010 is more about creating your own unique delicious blend of influences.

2. Everything today is being captured, retold, and everything can be remixed. The DIY movement has never been more enabled. Creative expression has more outlets to be distributed through, and more eyeballs to show, than it ever did before. What’s the consequence of this?

Taken together, where does this lead? I see this leading to the start of a new Arts and Crafts movement. Technology will remain embedded in our lives, but I see a continued rejection of pure corporatism, and elitism, a rejection of mechanization, standardization, and a return to naturalism, individuality and craftsmanship. Witness that the food movement, the local movement, the environmental movement, have all downsized their field of view to the immediate, and to the role of the individual. Now let’s begin the countdown for technology’s place in culture to follow suit.

Now the video..

We All Want to Be Young from box1824 on Vimeo.

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