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Good People Drinking and Talking – December 2010

This past December 10th we hosted a holiday edition of ‘Good People Drinking Wine and Talking To Each Other’. Friends, colleagues and even some family showed up to enjoy the delights of Amarone and Ripasso style wine, a great spread of food, and three spirited talks by three great people:

Scott Armstrong, Partner at spoke about the sea-change that’s happening as marketing shifts from the tactile physical world to the online world, and how getting to know your customers is eerily like dating. As a parting gift, he offered to sit with anyone, over a coffee (beer), to analyze your customers and discover the questions that they need answered, so that you can get to at least second base.

Tom Schlesinger (, screenwriter, film consultant, and all-round creative character, gave a stream of consciousness monologue, about how Aliens abduct him every single time he’s forced to be creative, and how fear can drive you positively if acknowledged and properly harnessed.  If you weren’t here, I’m sorry that you’ll never understand.


Paul Saltzman, ( the award winning film and television director, traced his own growth from his days of activism in the deep south, to his current day collaboration with Morgan Freeman, in “Prom Night In Mississippi” a film about a small town where the youth stood up in 2008 to fight segregated Proms, and how a community was changed forever. Paul finished with a challenge to us – to end our silence when we witness words or behaviour that we think is wrong,  and that by speaking out, we voice the thoughts of the silent majority.

Tegan Merle and Lauren Barless, our good friends from, were here with their fancy cameras and lighting, taking photos of everyone who dared to wear a piece from our selection of incredible Christmas sweaters, scavenged from the racks of Kensington market. A huge thank you to the multi-talented Tegan and Lauren for their work. Enjoy their photos!

We’ll be hosting another Salon come the end of January, so send us a note if you’d like to get a heads-up!

Happy Holidays and New Year!

One Response to Good People Drinking and Talking – December 2010

  1. The shots are terrific.
    The event was great fun.
    The aliens got me the next day!

    And it was wonderful meeting TWG’s clients, friends and family.

    Thanks for having BrainRider.

    Here is the link to the presentation

    And here is a little Holiday BrainRider thank you offer for anyone who is interested.



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