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Retina Display Icon Set

We had such a great response from our iPhone icon set, and so many requests for larger formats, that Alex decided awhile back to build them out for Retina display. Each icon is now available at 3 sizes: 64 x 64, 48 x 48, and 24 x 24.

They are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.  You may use the icons for both commercial and non-profit purposes, as well as modify them (in fact we challenge you to make ’em better).

Retina Display Icon Set from

Download all sizes here:  TWG Retina Icons Zip

Enjoy everyone, and send your karma over to Alex Shutin for his amazing design work!

233 Responses to Retina Display Icon Set

  1. Hi this icon set is GREAT except I can’t use it because there’s no unlock icon which you used to have in the other version. Any chance of updating it to include the unlock icon. You used to have it on previous version.


  2. billyqiu says:

    Bravo!! Very nice work. Clear and detail!! Thanks for sharing

  3. tinyau says:

    Thanks for the good work. I’ve found 24×24 version of play icon, no 48×48 and 64×64 version included in zip file. Would you please included them as well?

  4. Awesome, thanks heaps!

  5. Jahangir says:

    Very sharp icons :)


  6. qna says:

    Nice and simple icons.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. egiova says:

    Many, many thanks for a such good quality resource. Very crisp and well done, beautiful job indeed.

  8. egiova says:

    However, just a question: why 27 on calendar? Something with your birthdate perhaps? :)

  9. Paul Solt says:

    Thank you for the icons! I was about to draw my own until I found this link.


  10. usairaq says:

    thanks for the icons!
    it’s awesome!

  11. blackpawn says:

    thanks so much for sharing these icons!! i’m using and loving them in my app Sketch Club!

  12. vocsjack says:

    very useful! Thanks so much!

  13. Christoffer says:

    Damn that’s gotta be a lot of work. Spectacular set. Thanks a bunch! If I ever go to Canada the coffee’s on me.

  14. u-lost says:

    wow, thanks a lot, so great icons!

  15. Elianora says:

    This is pure awesomeness.

  16. terix says:

    Great contributions thanks, Wish you could provide PSD or vector format :)

  17. mcliviu says:

    Thank you guys! i really need these icons!

  18. Mathias says:

    I love this. Many thanks!

  19. If you are looking for more iphone retina display toolbar / tab bar icons than checkout this collection of 350 icons:

    The set comes with multiple sizes and colors, and also includes all icons in EPS vector format.

  20. Yellow says:

    Thanks for sharing

  21. watches says:

    Hey! Fine post! But this site has been loading slowly.

  22. Dmitry says:

    Hello, thank you for such a great set of icons. That’s helped a much!
    One small note the icon warning_24.png and wargin1_24.png have to be swinged.

    Thanks a lot again!

  23. Todd Horst says:

    A calendar and a map icon would be great. What are the chances you’ll create an extended pack?

  24. Marc says:

    ++ for vector and psd files request :) great icon set, thanks!

  25. Hwan says:

    Great work! Thanks!!

  26. Biju Subhash says:

    great icons sets…
    thank you for sharing…
    here a link for your readers for free icons and templates :

  27. Todd Horst says:

    Also a filter, and a group icon

  28. Dima says:

    Please review our Medical Tab Bar Icons for iPhone & iPad. You can add them to your site.

    Icons page :

    Thanks, Dima

  29. Ray Price says:

    You are awesome!

  30. Yee Ler says:
  31. justin says:

    Thank you for your sharing!
    God bless you!

  32. Andrew says:

    timer clock is missing from retina displayicons

  33. Awesome icons! Thanks!

  34. Raj Mehta says:

    Nice set of icons


  35. rodrigo says:

    Great job.

    It’s fantastic!

  36. avn rocky says:

    hey Thanks! nice stuff :)

  37. elaine says:

    Hey, man, U R cool!

  38. jpap says:

    Awesome icon set. I’m interested in learning how these were created (Photoshop?). Any hints, or source (e.g. PSD) would be fantastic. (Under CCA-SA of course.)


  39. Really apprecriate the hard work, keep it up

  40. Well done, keep up the good work

  41. Maria says:

    Nice!!!!I love it! Thank you for an outstanding work! I’ve integrated it into my iOS app and it looks wonderful! Many thanks!

  42. andrew says:
  43. Moh says:

    Fantastic icons. Cheers!

  44. Stef says:

    thanks, really generous and kind of you to share those icons!

  45. Great & Lovely icons!!!

  46. buildsimple says:

    I wish the timer icon was included in the retina collection

  47. Zakaria says:
  48. لا تحسبنا. صمتي نسيان فالارض تصمت وفي جوفها بركان

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