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TWG’s graduating class

It is with great pride mixed with a bit of sadness that TWG offers a big congratulations and fond farewell to a long time team member – Sean Lerner.

Three years ago, Sean came in our door, like a friendly stray cat; slightly disheveled, a bit wide eyed, but hungry for interesting work and some tech camaraderie. We liked him a lot, and so we asked if we could keep him. He said ‘sure’. After a few short weeks, Sean was an integral part of the team, jumping in to help on projects, inspiring us with his idealism, earnestness, entrepreneurial thinking, and occasionally brilliant improv and comedy skills.

Sean always went above and beyond to help TWG as we went through our growing pains. He was (and still is) a handyman who could pitch in on any project, and Sean could always be relied on make sure that checklists were completed, and clients were contacted with updates. Sean was the inventor of our first Customer Data Management System (the infamous cdms) which housed all of our easy to forget passwords, for the umpteen servers and services we ran over the years.

I know that as Sean sets out on his new journey as a freelance internet consultant, we’ll be crossing paths now and then, and I also know that I speak for everyone at TWG when I say ‘good luck’ and ‘thanks for “forgetting” that mac-mini box full of broken glass under your monitor’ :P

4 Responses to TWG’s graduating class

  1. Sean Lerner says:

    Aww. Yes, the mac-mini box full of broken glass, my custom monitor stand, is my parting gift to the team. (and, of course, the blue chair).

  2. Alex says:

    Good luck Sean!

  3. Vivian says:

    Oh Sean, South misses you and your wacky ways already. All the best!

    Also: manbaby.

  4. Sean Lerner says:

    thanks guys…. sweet new facebook pic too.

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