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Remember Rcov?

Rcov helps to identify code that is not being being hit by your tests (or maybe some functions left behind after refactoring). It’s very easy to get it running as well:

$ sudo gem install rcov

Plug this rake task into /lib/tasks/rcov.rake

require ‘rcov/rcovtask’

namespace :rcov do
desc ‘Measures test coverage using rcov’ do |rcov|
rcov.pattern = %w(test/unit/**/*_test.rb test/functional/**/*_test.rb test/integration/**/*_test.rb)
rcov.output_dir = ‘rcov’
rcov.verbose = true
rcov.rcov_opts << ‘–exclude “gems/*”‘ rcov.rcov_opts << ‘–rails’ end end [/ccN_ruby] And finally run it: [ccN] $ rake rcov:test [/ccN] It’s so easy you have no excuse not to have it.

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