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Free iphone toolbar icons


Update: You can get the Retina Display version here:

Lately we’ve been getting more involved in developing iPhone apps for our clients. iPhone apps have their own size and UI standards, so we decided to speed things up for you by sharing some clean and simple iPhone toolbar icons. Feel free to download this 160-piece set, and use it in on your own projects. If you decide to download or use them,  please drop a link to this blog post. Thanks!

2009/10/06 Update: We’ve received several inquiries about our iPhone icons. We’ve decided to license them under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike license.  You may use the icons for both commercial and non-profit purposes, as well as modify them (in fact we challenge you to make ’em better).


353 Responses to Free iphone toolbar icons

  1. Jared Rondo says:

    Very Good article man Thanks

  2. Quinn Genzel says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am very interested in learning when you might update your icon set for retina-display resolutions. I am currently using several of your icons in my Packing apps (with due credit to you), and would love to continue using them with the iOS 4.0.


    Quinn Genzel

  3. ghfg says:

    why do while icons on white background?? really easy to see previews!!!

  4. Small says:

    thanks for the icons!

  5. Abhijit Lade says:

    how can I download PSD file??

  6. Mark says:

    thanks very much.

  7. Andy says:

    Great icons… any plans to release higher res versions for iphone 4 retina display?

  8. Andy says:

    Great icons… any plans to release high res versions for iphone 4 retina display and ipad?

  9. Kyle says:

    Thank you so much for providing this high quantity and great quality icons for us to use and create with!

  10. Adnan says:


    I myself is not a designer, I am a developer and does not know photoshop much. I want to know whether I can have icons on standard sizes required on Tab? I am not good at cropping the stuff.


  11. Amanada says:

    Great icons,Thank you!

  12. chun says:
  13. woo says:
  14. allin says:

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  15. Billy Barker says:

    Hey Andy – Checkout these 270 ToolBar Icons that are sized for the iPhone 4 with Retina Display @2x –

    Good luck.

  16. Musa says:

    Download link not working

  17. jonnyrose says:

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  18. Andres says:

    @Musa The link is fixed. Thanks for noticing.

  19. lucky says:
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  21. mx2007 says:

    It is good design.

  22. sajid says:

    beautiful!simple!pretty dern close to perfect!

  23. Flitz says:

    Thanks a bunch..

  24. Avonski says:

    thanks for the icons!

  25. i_pad says:

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  26. i_pad says:

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  27. Mark Rahner says:

    Awesome! Really appreciate it.

  28. Juegos says:

    Hi Alex, I like them very much, super professional icons. Thank you

  29. Hande says:

    Thank you They are realy cool :)

  30. admin says:
  31. Thank you so much for providing this high quantity and great quality icons for us to use and create with!

  32. Thanks for this cool free Iphone icons. I appreciate it.

  33. HenryLee says:
  34. HenryLee says:
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  36. iangoer says:
  37. shilon says:

    dear sir,

    sir i am a new membour in ur site,
    now i need your help.. my prob is.. want download a total icon set for mobile, but i can’t find it for free, so plz help me for geting icon

  38. Zi Xiu Tang says:

    These are great – just what I needed. Thanks for the hard work!

  39. lleigh says:

    They are simple icons but looks beautiful..

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  41. alfredeva says:

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  42. Paisajismo says:

    Thanks for this cool icons! I appreciate it.

  43. woot2011 says:

    Nice set of icons! Thanks! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the thumb up/down icons that I am really interested to have. A set of social networking related icons would be very attractive.

  44. whit says:

    i agree, it is a very nice set of icons.. even the thumbs up is not on the set..

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  45. lleigh says:

    Those iphone icons are beautiful and it is prettier if they are colored..

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  46. leonliu says:

    Thank you for your great work! It does help our development a lot.

  47. judaica says:

    Hi I am working on an app for a project I am starting and I would like to ask you if there’s a chance to get the original PSD file or equivalent so that I can rescale the icons easily without distortion?

  48. someone says:


  49. Nice,valuable and informatics stuff about code tip in the post which is simple and handy for many bloggers. Thanks very much for sharing…
    Keep it up regularly plz……!

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